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How can I enrol onto the programme?












Merstham FC will be holding regular trials during the season to assess player/learners looking to join the programme in the next pre-season. The screenings also allow us to understand the demographic of each learner and assess the feasibility.

As part of our recruitment process, the Senior Management Team will invite prospective members for an interview to determine suitability, as well as to consider and consult on the individual pathways and expectations.

Upon meeting the entry level criteria both academically and as a footballer, learners are invited to join the programme’s pre-season model in August 2020. Our Traineeship programme supports the screening process by enabling our development team to get to know each learners’ capabilities & competencies.

Subject to GCSE results learners will be invited to enrol onto one of our BTEC programmes.

If you have any questions or queries.please contact Academy Director, Scott Rimmer on 07799 744092.

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